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​Recent studies show that the financial status of Christians is not much different from the financial status of non-Christians.

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​ Whether you choose to go slow or fast, high impact courses are at your disposal to learn new strategies or to reinforce existing ones.

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​Kingdom Life Support's courses are enabled with responsive web design.  Course screens automatically adjust to the type of device being used to access the training.

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Christian Personal Finance Education

​Welcome to Kingdom’s Life Support, a place for online Christian financial life information and training. Here you can learn about God’s Kingdom, His Laws, and His Ways.  Not only that, but also how to apply these principles to your life and achieve victory.

Kingdom Life Support is an e-learning website that is designed to share the good news and promises of God in an easy to understand and practical way. Each course is designed to function as a lifeline, providing stability while pulling you to your safe place.

​​We Fight Against These Statistics*

Live Paycheck to Paycheck
Emergency Savings: Less than one month saved
Have Sub-prime Credit Scores

​​* Source: 2015 Personal Finance Survey - U.S. Consumers

  • ​Christian Life Courses: Do you have a lack of understanding on topics such as salvation, stewardship, biblical giving, praying or confessing? Kingdom’s Life Support has lifeline courses that provide God’s truths for these topics and much more.
  • Practical Personal Finance Courses: Are you struggling with personal finance issues such as debt management, poor credit, or just trying to make ends meet? Kingdom’s Life Support’s innovative courses can help you understand the basic principles of biblical economics that can be a catalyst for financial breakthrough.

 ​Grab hold to the lifeline courses that best meet your needs. These courses provide insight into the promises of God and His assured rescue and victory. Use our materials for Bible study, small groups or for personal enrichment.

Spiritual Laws That Fill In Financial Holes
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