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Whack-A-Debt Software

System Requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 10 or higher
  • 2 MB hard disk space
  • Internet connection recommended for automatic software updates

​Whack-A-Debt Software

Microsoft Windows Application

​Whack-A-Debt is a debt snowball calculator that enables you to create multi-year debt destruction plans within just a few minutes. Simply enter your debt information, any extra principal amount, and click the calculate button. ​

Key Features:

  • Tracks monthly payments and balances per month for each debt
  • Calculates interest and time savings
  • ​Determines debt payoff date
  • Run calculations based on paying off the lowest debt first, highest or lowest interest rate or
  • Creates loan amortization schedules

​$39.95 USD

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System Requirements:  computers that can open Microsoft Excel 2010 spreadsheets

​Cost of Debt Calculator

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Template

This Microsoft Excel spreadsheet template determines the total cost of the debts in both time and interest cost. Enter the names of your lenders, current loan balances, interest rates, and payment amounts of your loans. The spreadsheet’s powerful financial formulas calculate estimates for the number of months to service your debt, the projected payoff date and interest cost for each loan and grand totals.


​$9.95 USD

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System Requirements:  computers that can open Microsoft Excel 2010 spreadsheets

​​Harvest Management Tool

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Template

The Harvest Management Tool is an Excel template that enables you to assign a purpose to every dollar that flows through your hands.  It’s more than a budgeting utensil; it’s a cash flow planner that helps you become a better steward over your money.

Tool Features:

  • Easily plan and manage six months of cash flows with this easy to use spreadsheet template.
  • Find out if you are spending more than you earn.  Easily monitor your projected cash balances at the start and end of each budget month.  
  • ​Helps you determine if you are overspending.  The tool automatically compares your family’s expense spending pattern to average household budget percentages for families living in the United States.

​$19.99 USD

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System Requirements:  computers that can open Microsoft Excel 2010 spreadsheets

​​​Cash Flow Optimizer

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Template

Use this spreadsheet template to manage payment of your most important bills first all the while knowing projected cash balances, warnings about negative cash flows and, avoiding bounced check fees in just a few minutes per month.

If you routinely have trouble managing your cash flow then this tool is for you.  Manage cash flows better and in less time with this Cash Flow Optimizer spreadsheet template.

​How to Use:

  • Start by entering your beginning cash balance.  This amount is the cash you currently have on hand for bill payment purposes.
  • Enter your cash flow data into the spreadsheet in no particular order.  For each income or expense item, enter a description, amount and the date you anticipate the transaction will occur.
  • ​When done, press the “Optimize Button.”  The powerful optimize engine, sequences your data by the anticipated transaction date and updates the running total of cash balances.  The results are a transaction-by-transaction plan you can use when bill payment time comes.
  • Keep track of your progress by using the “Done” checkbox to indicate completion of each item.
  • Manually monitor your bank account activity to ensure the Cash Flow Optimizer’s running totals reconciles.

​$24.95 USD